Altitude Angel Expands Drone Approval for UK Aviation

Altitude Angel expands Approval Services platform, benefiting drone operators and property owners. Streamlined process and new possibilities for drone technology applications.

Altitude Angel Expands Drone Approval Platform

– Altitude Angel, a UTM (Unified Traffic Management) leader, is expanding its recently launched Approval Services platform.
– This extension will now cover large properties and land estates.
– This development signifies an essential advancement for UK aviation.

How This Affects Drone Operators

– Drone operators can utilize this platform to secure permission for drone flight over private properties.
– This addition broadens the application of drone technologies for various industries.
– The approval process is made more efficient and accessible through this platform expansion.

In the expanding landscape of drone operations, Altitude Angel’s extension of its Approval Services platform to cover large properties and land estates is a significant development. This move will not only benefit drone operators but also property owners, as it will streamline the process of granting flight permissions. This change will open up new possibilities for drone technology applications across various industries. More importantly, it underscores the growing recognition of drones’ potential contributions to the UK’s aviation sector and indicates the continuous effort in creating an efficient and regulated environment for its operations.

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