BT Partners with Altitude Angel: £5 Million Deal to Develop Drone Superhighway

BT partners with Altitude Angel in a £5 million deal to develop the largest drone superhighway, boosting the UK drone industry and creating new opportunities.

BT Partners with Altitude Angel in £5 Million Deal to Develop Drone Superhighway

– Etc., a business incubation unit within BT Group’s Digital department, has entered into a £5 million deal with Altitude Angel.
– Altitude Angel is a global leading provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management) technology.
– The partnership aims to upscale the UK drone industry and assist in the development of the UK’s drone superhighway.
– The drone superhighway would represent the largest and longest network of its kind globally.

BT Group’s Initiative to Boost Future Businesses

Altitude Angel Partnership Marks Key Move in UK Drone Infrastructure Development

This strategic partnership between BT and Altitude Angel signals a significant boost for the UK’s drone industry. It shows a promising commitment to supporting the development and enhancement of drone technology. The ambitious ‘drone superhighway’ project aims to develop the largest and most extensive drone network in the world. This move will not only further entrench the UK on the global drone map, but it could also spur economic growth and create new opportunities in the drone technology sector.

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