Concerns over Drone Data Security and the Rise of Domestic Solutions

Summary of Drone Data Security Concerns - Survey shows increasing concerns about data security in the drone industry, leading to restrictions on foreign-made drone technologies.

Summary of Drone Data Security Concerns

Key Points

  • Teledyne FLIR, manufacturers of the SIRAS commercial platform, conducted a survey of over 700 drone professionals.
  • The survey revealed an increasing concern among commercial drone users about data security.
  • This trend aligns with actions by some state and local governments, which have begun to restrict the use of foreign-made drone technologies.
  • These governmental actions follow federal limitations on foreign drone technologies, due to concerns regarding data security.


In the rapidly expanding sector of drone technology, data security has surged as a major concern among users, according to a recent survey conducted by Teledyne FLIR. The fear of data breaches has prompted a shift in preference towards domestic drone technology over foreign-made alternatives. This trend is mirrored by various government bodies which have implemented measures to restrict the use of foreign drones. Looking further, it’s interesting to see how the importance of data security is shaping the drone market and potentially driving innovation in the creation of more secure drone technologies.

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