Electric Airshows: Drone Light Shows for Outdoor Events in the UK

Electric Airshows launches in the UK, providing spectacular drone light shows for outdoor events. Enhance your event experience with their innovative services.

Electric Airshows Launches in the UK Providing Drone Light Shows

Key Points:

  • A new company, Electric Airshows, has launched in the UK offering drone light shows for outdoor events.
  • The company was formed by Chris Crockford and Ian Lomas, both experienced professionals in the event production industry.
  • Electric Airshows aims to add an extra dimension to outdoor events of all types and sizes with their reliable drone light show services.

Closing Take:

The event industry continuously evolves and adapts to technology, as shown by the recent launch of Electric Airshows in the UK. Offering drone light shows as an addition to outdoor events, this service brings a new level of spectacle and entertainment to the event scene. This innovative concept by experienced industry veterans Chris Crockford and Ian Lomas is a clear indication that the industry is welcoming creative and technological advancements to enhance the overall event experience. Drones have once again proven their versatility, demonstrating their potential well beyond their traditional uses.

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