FAA Grants BVLOS Exemptions to uAvionix and UPS Flight Forward

FAA grants BVLOS exemptions to uAvionix and UPS Flight Forward, streamlining commercial drone permissions process and expanding opportunities for drone use in various industries.

FAA Grants BVLOS Exemptions to uAvionix and UPS Flight Forward

Key Points:

  • The FAA is planning to expedite and simplify the permissions process for commercial drone operations.
  • Two new exemptions have been granted for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.
  • uAvionix has been authorized to fly their drone, Rapace, within the Vantis network in North Dakota to test detect and avoid technologies.
  • UPS Flight Forward, the drone delivery subsidiary of UPS, has also received an exemption.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is streamlining its commercial drone permissions process, allowing for more efficient adoption and regulation of drone operations. In a significant move, the agency has granted two exemptions for BVLOS operations, opening up more avenues for drone use in commercial sectors. The authorization given to uAvionix will enable the testing of detect and avoid technologies within North Dakota’s Vantis network, a crucial development in drone safety. Additionally, the exemption for UPS Flight Forward will further the advancements in drone delivery services.

The steps taken by the FAA in easing the permissions process and granting BVLOS operations exemptions to uAvionix and UPS Flight Forward points toward a more adaptive and accommodating regulatory atmosphere for commercial drone operations. This progression is crucial for the industry, assisting in technological advancements, enhancing safety measures, and fostering growth in services such as drone delivery. It also signifies a bright future where drones can be increasingly incorporated into various industries with fewer regulatory hurdles.

Original article: https://dronelife.com/2023/09/06/faa-issues-bvlos-exemptions-for-uavionix-ups-flight-forward-why-these-are-different/