Falcker and Thread: Advancing Autonomous Drone Inspections

Falcker and Thread partner up to revolutionize autonomous drone inspections, enhancing data collection and paving the way for fully remote inspections.

Falcker and Thread Partner up to Advance Autonomous Drone Inspections

Key Points:

  • Software developer Falcker has teamed up with Thread, an industry leader in autonomous data collection.
  • The partnership aims at enhancing automated inspections of industrial assets.
  • The collaboration will offer more effective data collection from inspections.
  • The initiative lays the groundwork for fully remotely controlled inspection flights in the future.


Falcker, a renowned software developer, has forged a partnership with Thread, which is known for pioneering autonomous data collection at an enterprise scale. The goal of this partnership is to significantly enhance the automation level in industrial asset inspections. Thanks to this collaboration, data collection from inspections stands to become much more effective. Perhaps even more exciting is that this initiative is paving the way for fully remotely controlled inspection flights, a prospect that is poised to revolutionize the way inspection operations are performed in various industries.

Implications and Outlook:

The recent partnership between Falcker and Thread signifies a step forward in the evolution of drone technology and its application in asset inspection. Automating this process not only raises efficiency in data collection but also opens the door to the potential for fully remotely controlled inspection flights. As the world grows increasingly dependent on automated processes and digitization, this collaboration is likely to set the bar higher in the industry. It will be exciting to watch how this joint venture evolves to influence future developments in autonomous inspection solutions.

Original article: https://www.dronewatch.eu/falcker-and-thread-join-forces-to-further-automate-drone-inspections-of-energy-assets/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=falcker-and-thread-join-forces-to-further-automate-drone-inspections-of-energy-assets