Iris Automation and uAvionix: Advancing BVLOS Flights

Iris Automation and uAvionix partner to advance drone operations; integrating ground-based detect and avoid tech for safer BVLOS flights.

Iris Automation and uAvionix Combine Tech for Advanced Drone Operations

  • Iris Automation and uAvionix have partnered to progress the use of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights.
  • The partnership aims to integrate ground-based detect and avoid technology with command and control.
  • This integration could provide the proof of safety assurance that regulators need for BVLOS flights to scale.
  • The technology solution would ensure drones do not collide with other drones or manned aircraft.

Bringing DAA and C2 to BVLOS

Partnering for Safer Skies

The collaboration between Iris Automation and uAvionix represents a significant stride towards enabling the wider use of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights – a domain that is currently subject to heavy regulatory scrutiny due to safety concerns. By integrating detect and avoid technology with command and control, the companies are working towards creating a viable and safe solution that could give regulators the confidence to allow for the scaling of BVLOS operations. This fusion of technology is specifically aimed at preventing any potential collisions among drones or manned aircraft, thereby ensuring safer skies. The success of this initiative has the potential to dramatically transform the way drone operations are conducted globally.

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