Microdrones Unveils NDAA-Compliant LiDAR Surveying System

Microdrones introduces NDAA-compliant EasyOne LiDAR drone surveying system, revolutionizing aerial surveying industry with rapid grid mission execution and digital twin creation.

Microdrones Unveils NDAA-Compliant LiDAR Drone Surveying System

  • The first NDAA-compliant EasyOne LiDAR drone surveying system was revealed by Microdrones at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas.
  • The system was also demonstrated at a nighttime, CSI event hosted by Sundance Media Group.
  • The Microdrones solution was able to execute a grid mission rapidly to produce a digital twin.

A New Leap in Drone Technology

In line with increasing global drone advancements, Microdrones takes a significant leap forward with their NDAA-compliant EasyOne LiDAR solution. Revealed at the renowned Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, this demonstrates how the industry continues to embrace automation, progressing towards quicker and more efficient unmanned aerial surveying. This new drone system not only aligns with the NDAA requirements but also steps up tech automation, proving its capability to execute a grid mission in minutes, thus creating a digital twin. This advancement foretells an era where drone operations become more seamless and efficient, contributing to the overall industry growth.

Original article: https://dronelife.com/2023/09/12/ndaa-compliant-lidar-drone-surveying-system-microdrones-new-easyone-solution/