Microsoft partners with SimActive for Cloud Photogrammetry

Microsoft collaborates with SimActive on cloud photogrammetry solution, showcasing advanced drone technology and paving the way for streamlined aerial mapping.

Microsoft Collaborates with SimActive on Cloud Photogrammetry Solution

Key Information Summary:

  • Microsoft announces a new collaboration with Canada-based SimActive Inc., makers of the Correlator 3D mapping platform.
  • The partnership aims to showcase a cloud photogrammetry solution.
  • SimActive’s photogrammetry software will be used for this demonstration.


The collaboration of tech giant Microsoft and Canada-based SimActive on a cloud photogrammetry solution underlines the steadily growing integration of high-end technological solutions such as photogrammetry into cloud-based services. This not only highlights the technologically advanced capabilities of modern drones but also paves the way for a potentially more streamlined and effective use of photogrammetry in various sectors. As cloud-based applications continue to rise, collaborations such as these could soon become the norm, leading to drastic advancements in the drone and aerial mapping industry.

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