Norwegian Drone Company Aviant Launches Kyte Home Delivery Service

Norwegian drone company Aviant unveils Kyte home delivery service and secures €1M public funding for autonomous delivery of essential prescription medicines.

Norwegian Drone Company Aviant Unveils Kyte Home Delivery Service, Secures €1M Public Funding

Aviant’s New Home Delivery Service, Kyte

  • Aviant, a drone logistics company based in Norway, has initiated its home delivery service, Kyte.
  • Kyte can deliver groceries, takeaway food, and non-prescription medicines to thinly populated regions and vacation properties in Norway.

Aviant obtains €1M Public Funding for Autonomous Delivery

  • The company has obtained €1M in public funding from Innovation Norway.
  • The funds will be used to autonomously deliver essential prescription medicines directly from pharmacies to people in distant and suburban areas.
  • The service will primarily assist residents whose mobility is hindered by geographical obstacles, poor roads, or harsh weather conditions.

Closing Remarks

Aviant’s latest venture into drone-based home delivery services represents a milestone in the use of drones for logistical solutions, particularly in areas inaccessible due to geographical constraints. The additional funding secured for the autonomous delivery of prescription medications further solidifies the promise this technology holds for revolutionizing rural and suburban healthcare and convenience services. The project presents a promising sign of the potential for drone technology to drastically enhance quality of life in remote areas.

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