Record-Breaking Drone Show in Europe by Dronisos at Disneyland Paris

New European Record for Largest Drone Show set by Dronisos at Disneyland Paris, featuring 1,495 drones and captivating displays of Disney characters and iconic landmarks.

New European Record for Largest Drone Show Set By Dronisos

– The largest drone light show in Europe was hosted by France-based company, Dronisos during the Bastille Day celebrations at Disneyland Paris.
– The show took place above Sleeping Beauty Castle with 1,495 drones in the air, setting a new record.
– Supplementary lighting effects, fountains and fireworks enriched the spectacle.
– The drone displays included characters from Disney and Pixar, as well as Parisian landmarks and the French flag.

In Summary

Dronisos, a French drone light show company, has successfully captivated audiences by setting a new record for the biggest drone show in Europe. During the Bastille Day celebrations at Disneyland Paris, the skies above Sleeping Beauty Castle were brought to life with 1,495 drones and additional lighting effects, fireworks, and fountains. The drones were used to create endearing characters from Disney and Pixar, famous Parisian landmarks, and a stunning display of the French flag, significantly contributing to the overall entertainment of the show.


This record-breaking event by Dronisos not only serves as proof of the vast potential of drone technology in the entertainment industry, but also showcases the company’s ability to conduct large scale operations. It’s a significant step forward in demonstrating how technology, creativity, and entertainment can combine to create a new dimension in celebrating national events. As drone technology continues to evolve and be integrated into various sectors, it will be exciting to witness more such innovative applications making memorable experiences for the masses.

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