SPH Engineering and Lumenier: Powering Next-Gen Drone Light Shows

SPH Engineering and Lumenier collaborate to boost drone light shows, offering advanced packages globally for entertainment businesses.

SPH Engineering and Lumenier Announce Collaboration to Boost Drone Light Shows

– SPH Engineering, a Latvia-based drone company, and Lumenier, a drone company from the USA, have announced a new collaboration.
– The partnership aims to offer advanced drone show packages that feature Drone Show Software and Lumenier’s ARORA light show drones.
– This union will create new opportunities for entertainment businesses across the world.
– It also lays the framework for many future co-development projects.

Partnership Promises Next-Generation Drone Light Shows

Latvia’s SPH Engineering Teams Up with USA’s Lumenier

In a radical development for the showbiz industry, drone companies SPH Engineering and Lumenier have announced a joint partnership to launch advanced drone light show packages. These packages, featuring the advanced Drone Show Software and Lumenier’s ARORA light show drones, promise to revolutionize entertainment businesses globally. The collaboration sets a precedent for many more co-development projects, marking an exciting era in drone light shows.

The union of SPH Engineering and Lumenier marries two forward-thinking companies with a shared vision for the future of drone-powered entertainment. This marriage of technological capabilities could make way for unprecedented advancements in this sector. The entertainment industry has been eagerly embracing drone technology, and this new partnership is set to propel this relationship to new heights. This collaboration serves as a testament to the immense potential of drone-assisted creative endeavors – a synthesis of art and science that can redefine spectacle in the entertainment world.

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